Drake Interplanetary Corsair

GSG Steampunk Gems - Drake Interplanetary Corsair

Drake Interplanetary have released details on their new exploration ship the Corsair

With other manufacturer's you can expect some luxury but Darke Interplanetary stay true to their image of low cost solutions and no frills.

This will be the first ship that I can name. I have chosen 'GSG Steampunk Gems' to honour my dear and beautiful wife, Gwendolyne, who is the owner of Gwendolyne's Steampunk Gems.

GSG Steampunk Gems will be retailing their stunning range of Steampunk jewellery for pilots, miners, traders, pirates, in fact anyone who likes to waer something a bit unique and differnt.

Not a hot tub, swimming pool or Yucca in sight, as you would expect from Drake Interplanetary.

Proof of the name.

I am really looking forward to owning this ship, a great explorer........

and, hopefully, very capable of looking after itself too.

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